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Summer 2018

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Winter 2017/18


Dishers C are Division One champions just beating Dishers Kings who are the runners-up. Third place will be decided by a
play-off between Captain Webb A and Dishers Longshots. Pockets and Imp Rileys are relegated.

Congratulations to Kings B who are the Division Two champions sealing off a successful season with an impressive 7-0.
Broughton B are promoted to the top flight as runners-up but a three-way play off is needed to sort out the third place prize
between Kings A, Hop Pole A and Hop Pole B. Flying Lady A and the Sydney are relegated.

The Captain Webb B are the new Division Three champions pipping Shavington Club by one a point in runners-up spot.
White Lion B win thrid prize.

This Saturday sees the start of the Merits finals and on Sunday we will see who comes out on top for the Trios titlle; all at the
White Lion, then the following Sunday the Merits finals will be completed.


It's the AGM on Wednesday the 15th at the Hop Pole at 8:30pm, ALL team existing and potentially new need to attend with
fees of 30 per team and a completed entry form (these will be distributed this week).



The finals Night at the White Lion saw Dishers C clinch the Summer League and cup double with a 3-1 win over the Captain
Webb in the final.


Dishers C 3 Dishers A 1
Captain Webb A 3 White Lion B 1


Dishers C 3 Captain Webb 1


White Lion B 3 Kings B 0
Captain Webb A 3 Dishers Kings 0
Dishers Longshots2 0 Dishers C 3
Dishers A 3 Bridge Misfits 0

Finals Night (semi-finals and the final) will be played at the White Lion on Sunday 12/11/17 from 7:30pm.



Hop Pole B 2 Dishers Longshots2 3
West End Band A 0 Dishers C 3
Dishers Kings 3 Dishers Longshots1 1
White Lion B 3 Kings AA 1
Kings B 3 Bridge A2 1
Capt Webb A 3 Sydney 2
Broughton A 2 Dishers A 3
Bridge Misfits 3 Bridge A1 0


Flying Lady B 1 Dishers A 3
Hop Pole B 3 White Lion A 1
Bridge Misfits 3 Grand Junction 2
Captain Webb A 3 West End Band B 0
Kings AA 3 Flying Lady A 2
Shavington o Bridge A2 w
Imperial 2 White Lion B 3
Pockets 0 Dishers Kings 3
Express B 1 Broughton A 3
Sydney BYE
Dishers C 3 Hop Pole A 0
Dishers Longshots2 3 Kings AB 2
West End Band A 3 Captain Webb B 2
Broughton B 2 Kings B 3
Dishers Longshots1 3 Imp Rileys 1
Duke 0 Bridge A1 3


Dishers C completed the League and KO Cup double for the fourth time and the third time in the last six years after beating
Hop Pole A 4-2 in last night's final. The Hop Pole took and early lead of 2-1 only for Dishers C to come back with some
solid frames some of which may have gone either way.

Dishers played host to the semi-finals and final for which the League are very thankful. Thanks too to Steve Abbott for
running these competitions so well and for refereeing too.



Dishers C 4 Dishers A 0
Hop Pole A 4 Imp Rileys 3


Dishers C 4 Hop Pole A 2


The Broughton B beat Kings-Express 4-3 in a very tense play-off for second and third place in Division Two.

The Express steamed off to a 2-1 lead but that was pegged back to 2-2 after the fourth frame, but they kept the pressure on
winning the fifth to go 3-2 ahead of the Broughton. Simon Trenbirth and captain Jay Cartlidge leveled the match up at 3-3.

In the decider: Brian Trenbirth and new player Rob Eardley beat Express's captain Gareth Wood and Steve Wilson to take
the runners-up spot!

A great night's pool at Dishers enjoyed by all.


Simon Malam won the Winter League Merits 2017 after beating team mate and rank number one in Division One Daz
Jennings 4-2 in the final.

Second seed Malam beat third seed Dave Preece 3-0 in the quarters and then went on to beat Division Two rank number
one Ian Craggs 3-0 in the semis.

Daz beat Phil Malam in the quarters and then Mark Blackham 3-1 in the semis.

Congratulations to Simon who bags his fifth Merits title and now leads fellow legends Phil Malam and Andy Mellor clear
in second place of the all-time wins list.

Many many thanks to the White Lion who provided a superb table, venue and food, also thanks must go to Steve Abbott
who runs our competitions and also to Pete Whitteaker who tirelessly reffed throughout.

Everyone involved is a credit to our league.



Daz Jennings 3 Phil Malam 2
Ian Craggs 3 Roger Stockton 1
Simon Malam 3 Dave Preece 0
Colin Hughes 2 Mark Blackham 3


Daz Jennings 3 Mark Blackham 1
Simon Malam 3 Ian Craggs 0


Daz Jennings 2 Simon Malam 4



The League was more or less wrapped up on Sunday night with Dishers C confirmed as champions, Dishers Kings finish as the
runners-up and Dishers A get third only three points behind. Imp Rileys did very well in finishing fourth a point ahead of the
Capt Webb A who finish fifth. At the bottom Sydney and the Flying Lady A finish second from bottom and bottom respec-
tively with only two points separating them.

Congratulations to Daz Jennings who heads the Division One Merits separated only by a count-back from team-mate Simon
Malam in second place, with Dave Preece and Phil Malam completing the four qualifiers for the finals.

The Division Two title went to White Lion A, they finished six points ahead of joint second placed Broughton B and Kings-
Express, who will play-off for the runner-up and third spots on Sunday at Dishers.

Ian Craggs tops the Merits with team-mate Colin Hughes finishing second after a close count-back. Mark Blackham and Roger
Stockton are the other qualifiers and join the top four in the other division in the Merits finals.

A reminder that the AGM is on Wednesday the 24th at the Hop Pole, please ensure you all turn up with at least one represent-
ative from each team new and existing along with your entry fees. Any queries please contact Dave Preece on 07887 553735.




Jeff Kennedy (Capt Webb A) 1 Allan Bostock (White Lion B) 3
Andy Moore (Dishers C) 0 Dave Preece (Dishers C) 3


Allan Bostock (White Lion B) 0 Dave Preece (Dishers C) 4

League veteran Jeff Kennedy put up a good fight in a closer than it looked tussle with Cheshire Seniors player Allan Bostock.
Bostock took a commanding 2-0 lead before Kennedy pulled on back but it was too little too late, the 1999 semi-finalist went
one better 18 years on to win 3-1.

Andy Moore never really got his teeth into Dave Preece in the second semi-final, and this coupled with an on-form Preece
meant the defending champion eased through 3-0.

This final was a little on sided too, albeit a couple of frames were decided by a little luck so the 4-0 final score to Preece could
have been 2-2, then who knows?

Well done to all players involved in a high standard finals night.

Thank you from the League to the Captain Webb for being superb hosts.

Thanks too to Robert Shore and Peter Whittaker for helping officiate, and finally thank you to Steve Abbott for running such
a quality competition. 


Congratulations to the Dishers C pair of Tim Roberts and Andy Moore in becoming the 2017 CLHPL Doubles KO Champions.

Roberts and Moore beat 2016 champions Kev Lloyd and Rob Skupski from the Broughton A 3-0 in the final at the flying Lady.

Lloyd and Skupski beat Ian Affleck and Colin Hughes (Grand Kings) 2-0 in the first semi-final before which Roberts and
Moore overcame the challenge of Captain Webb A's Ian Preedy and Tony Blount in a very close 2-1 win.

It's the first CLHPL doubles title for the pair in their first outing as partners.

Thanks go to Steve Abbott who organised the competition and also to the Flying Lady for hosting.


First out of the draw bag was Kev Lloyd (Broughton A) against Dave Preece (Dishers C) a tippy tappy back and forth game but
nothing too long or too safe saw Preece take it 3-0 but it could have been 2-1 either way after the first three frames.

Next up two of the outsiders meet: Jeff Kennedy (Capt Webb A) against one of Kings-Express's leading players Barry Brandreth. The Webb A captain took the lead at 2-1 in a scrappy game and eventually came out on top of Brandreth 3-1 to earn
his very first Finals Night appearance in the CLHPL Singles KO.

Capt Webb A legend Ian Preedy next took on in-form Andy Moore, but it turned out to be a funny game, neither player excelled,
but it was Moore who some how came out on top, not only winning but winning 3-0!

Contraversey of the night came in the final match-up between league veteran Allan Bostock (White Lion) and competition
favourite Tim Roberts (Dishers C). Tim had a few bad roles to say the least but it was Mr Bostock who came out on top
to upset the whiz-kid and win 3-2 to book his second place ever in the Singles KO finals Night; the first being nearly two
decades ago - way back in 1999!



I.Preedy/T.Blount - Capt Webb A 2 D.Large/M.Blackham - Express B
I.Affleck/ C.Hughes - Grand Kings w P.Maskery/P.Lockett - Dishers A o
K.Lloyd/R.Skupski - Broughton A 2 J.Bell/T.Bergin - Dishers A 1
D.Preece/L.Roberts - Dishers 1 T.Roberts/A Moore - Dishers C 2


Each week or so, we will interview a champion of our league and get and insight on exactly what it takes to be champion and
also, get to know their everyday life too...

We will be featuring:

Two recent doubles champions...
A former singles champion and ex-England international...
A record-winning doubles champion and multiple singles finalist...
One or more of the famous Malam brothers...
...and many more former singles and ex-doubles champs from years gone by.
Also... we will meet some of the MEN IN BLACK... our league's qualified referees.

Keep an eye out by refreshing this page and on our official Facebook page for links.




Billy Ledwards 2 Edd Griffiths 3
Dave Preece 3 Ian Affleck 0


Edd Griffiths 0 Dave Preece 4

Well done to all involved, especiallly Edd on a rare occasion where a Division Two player beat a Division One player
in this competition.

Thanks to the Flying Lady for being perfect hosts, and thanks too to Steve Abbott who ran the night and Graham
Sands who helped Steve with refereeing and, of course, dishing out the cash.

Check out our Facebook page for pictures from the night.


Shavington Club B won this season's Trios KO with a fine display of gritty pool. The Finals Night kicked off with
Shav Club B taking on Capt Webb A, there were some shaky moments but during a couple of scrappy frames
captain Daz Jennings, Connor Edwards and Simon Malam beat Ian Preedy, Carl Tomlinson and Webb captain
Jeff Kennedy to win 3-0. In the other semi-final newly crowned league champions Dishers C squared up against
the only remaining Division Two team left in the competition Kings-Express. Dishers C trio of: Dave Preece, Stu
Gregory and Billy Ledwards saw off the challenge from Gareth Wood, Roger Stockton and Phil Dorricott to ease
into the final for a showdown with league runners-up Shav Club B. In the final the first frame was pinched by Phil
Malam against Daz Jennings after Daz made an error, Phil cleared. Tim Roberts looked good until he miss-cued
on the black only to see Connor Edwards take out the balls to level things up 1-1. Dave Preece beat Simon Malam
after Simon snookered himself, then in the doubles Dishers couldn't finish off Shav Club, Simon Malam and Daz
Jennings beat Billy Ledwards and Stu Gregory. In the final deciding frame Daz Jennings was unlucky after his first
shot after the break, snookering himself then conceding two. Dave Preece had a semi-tough finish with two but
missed his penultimate yellow to the middle to leave Simon Malam to clear to take the title.

Thanks must go to Lyndsey Roberts for providing a top venue and also to Steve Abbott for running things so well.
Also our Chairman Graham Wood for presenting the cash prizes and the trophy to Shavington Club B.


Daz Jennings was the first name out of the hat, followed by 2015 champion Dave Preece. Daz took the lead

and in the second should've took a 2-0 lead but Dave managed to pull it back to 1-1. Dave had a little luck in the match and eventually came out 3-1 winner, but Daz performed very well indeed - as a former champion would be

expected to.

The second semi was Adam Wong against Dave Threadgold and the first frame seemed pivital... Threadgold

should've took it but was unlucky to go in off. Wong cleared and went on to break and dish the second too in

less than a minute. before long, the match was over 3-0 to Wong and Threadgold was left wondering what might

have been, had he won the first?

The final... Mistakes by both players were common-place but Preece took an early 2-0 lead and then the third, to

make it 3-0... Another mistake in the fourth saw Wong facing a 4-0 loss, but Preece messed it up and Wong won

one back, making it 3-1. More errors in the fifth frame saw Preece mess up again and then Wong to do the same 

leaving the win for Preece 4-1.

Thanks to Dishers for sponsoring the event and providing probably the best table we have ever had in the league.

Thanks too to Steve Abbott for not only reffing all frames but tirelessly time-keeping too.


The finals of the Merits were played on Sunday (13th) at the Kings.


Adam Wong (Kings D) w Paul Winwood (Capt Webb B) o
Ian Cooke (Flying Lady A) 0 Simon Malam (Kings D) 3


Adam Wong (Kings D) 4 Simon Malam (Kings D) 2

Kings D team mates Adam Wong and Simon Malam did well to both make it to the final of the Merits, esp-
ecially Simon who had a fine 3-0 win over Division Two Merits winner Ian Cooke, who has been in fine form
all-season. In the final the first few frames were tight but at 2-2 Adam Wong took hold of the game eventually
winning his second Merits title. Wong will now be looking to win his second Singles KO and Merits double
after completing the feat in 2013.

The Singles KO finals night is this Saturday (the 19th) at Dishers.


The Broughton A won their very first team title last night (Saturday 12th) when they lifted the Team KO cup
after beating the Captain Webb A quite comfortably 4-0 at the Kings Arms. One half of this years Doubles
champions Rob Skupski took the first frame with a win over Webb's Danny Hodgkinson. Pete Cronin made
it 2-0 to the Broughton after potting the 8-ball against Jim Kennedy. In the third frame the other half of the
Doubles champions Kev Lloyd made it 3-0 beating Carl Tomlinson; and finally Dave Threadgold beat Ian
Preedy - after Dave missed a sitter of a black, and was given another chance by Ian. Congratulations to all
players, especially the Broughton on their very first team triumph.

The league would like to thank Ian and Jayne from the Kings Arms and Malc Broadfield from MRB Logistics
Ltd, for their support in sponsoring this event.  Thanks again to the Kings for the venue too and a great night.


Dishers C and the Kings D gathered for battle at the Flying Lady last night (Sunday 6th March) to play-
off against each other for the second Winter season in a row (albeit the Kings D were Dishers B last
time around). The last four league meetings between these two teams have all been 4-3 either way,
more accurately 14-14 in frames - if you added them all up - so this play-off had the potential to be very
close indeed. The first frame saw Dishers C's captain Dave Preece takes on Daz Jennings, after a
couple of cagey shots Daz tried to get one of his bad balls out only to see it hit the 8-ball and for that to
drop in! 1-0 Dishers C. In the second frame Stu Gregory locked horns with the Kings D's Edd Haslam.
after several safety shots from Stu, Edd fluked his last ball and then missed a tricky black to level things
up, but Stu eventually got into position after more safeties and cleared to make it 2-0 to Dishers. Frame
three and Dishers' Phil Malam squared up against Ryan Cox. Malam broke and dished 3-0 to Dishers.
Billy Ledwards verses Simon Malam for the Kings in frame four: Simon had the frame won after fluking
his penultimate ball, but missed a sitter in the middle and had to watch Billy clear and for him to win the
league title for his new team Dishers C! This is Dishers C's third consecutive Winter league title win; only
the Ashbank in the late 1980s and the Sydney A in the late 1990s have previously done the 'treble'.
Dishers C have now won six consecutive league titles and are gunning for the all-time record of seven
held by the Sydney A.

Thanks to Ian Affleck, Steve Abbott and to the Flying Lady for reffing, organising and hosting this match. 


The first title and the first awards of the season were hotly contested last night at the Flying Lady.
The Doubles KO reached its conclusion with quite a shock, maybe the biggest shock in a CLHPL
Doubles KO final. The first semi-final saw three-time champions Sean Bartley and Phil Malam take
on Ian Affleck and Colin Hughes. Malam and Bartley took the first frame, before Affleck and Hughes
made it level at 1-1 taking the match to a decider. This was a tough hard-fought safety battle which
was won eventually by the former champions.

In the second semi, Broughton A's Kev Lloyd and Rob Skupski eased past Captain Webb A duo Jeff
Kennedy and Ian Preedy 2-0.  These players will be squaring up again in some form in the Team KO
final in a couple of weeks, so maybe revenge for experienced pair from the Webb?

The final... On paper surely our triple former champions (Bartley has won five doubles crowns), will over-
come relative rookies and take their fourth title? Nothing can be further from this... A combination of
an unusual poor match from Phil Malam and quite the opposite from the Broughton pair (especially
Kev Lloyd) meant for a very one-sided finale, Llloyd and Skupski took the title with apparent ease 3-0.

A splendid performance from the Broughton lads, who have excelled themselves this season in all
competitions.  Well done!

On behalf of the League may I congratulate KO Secretary Steve Abbott on the conclusion of his first
KO competition with huge success.